Successful UI/UX design and Project process thinking

Our Complete process of UI/UX

  • Step 1Write down the problems and doubt

    ui/ux designer are not just trying to make things pretty or create features just for the heck of it we're trying to solve real world problems with our design projects this is a skill that we cultivate in design projects,  We solve the problems by just write them all down and this will help us one our skills for recognizing problems and defining what real problems are and found solution, this is super helpful because within design projects defining the problem statement is one of the most important things throughout the whole process. it's a statement we can always come back to to make sure that our solution is addressed this is the successful UI/UX design process.

  • Step 2Process driven

    The second strength is that great ui/ux designers are process driven especially really experienced product designers they're always following the same exact process with of course some minor tweaks but they know what works and they know what is important to include in the process for a specific project they're very organized and detail-oriented and they keep all of their output that they're creating and all of the research that they're gathering really orderly so that they can be efficient with their work flow plus this really comes in handy when it's time to share information and designs and prototypes with stakeholders.

  • Step 3Strategy of planning to design successful project

    Our main strategy is competitors analysis & understanding of audience targeting a website without a strategy behind it is doomed to fail so let's take a look at the four steps to creating a winning web strategy so think about it a website for your company is basically something that you have to pay for but a website with a well-executed strategy behind it is something that will pay for itself over and over again through new customer acquisition but that's only if you get it right a big mistake. 

    we see so many companies make is when they it's time to redo their website they start thinking the terms redesign and they'll contact a web designer who may or may not do any kind of real discovery work to get that strategy in place so the first step here is discovery you need to work with a web pro or web agency that really puts a premium on doing discovery not just for like one quick session either on talking two to three to four really intense sessions or they get to know everything about your business they need to really understand your goals your sales funnel where are you losing people in that sales funnel and they really need to understand a lot about your customers what are their internet habits what problems are they facing that we can help them with what would be their biggest objections to doing business with you and what will they ultimately base their decision on they also need to fully understand your competition as well as what kind of marketing efforts you've 

  • Step 4Creative ideas design research by our designers compatible for sales conversion High Converting Landing pages

    We going to share with you the an atomy of a high-converting landing page. So do you want to know the secret to a really high converting landing page?

    There's a formula, and we are about to share it with you. And as long as you follow the formula step by step, you should produce better results. But the moment you don't follow the formula step by step, you'll notice that your conversions are going to tank and your landing pages won't do well.

    The first thing you need to do is clearly state your value proposition in a header.And this is important,  We'll state the value proposition somewhere on the page. No.The attention span of a human is less than a goldfish.In other words, if you can't catch their attention in the headline, you're screwed. Eight out of 10 people will read your headline, but only two of the 10will read the rest of the copy on the page.In other words, your headline is either going to make it where people will read the rest of your content, or you're going to lose them.So if you can create amazing headline with your value proposition,you can attract people to read the rest of your page.

    Now, the best thing that we can give you, because everyone's going to have a different value proposition, is make sure your headline is something bold, you're making a statement, it's short, and to the point.

    You don't want something that's run-on.If you can do that, short, to the point, you're making a statement, something bold, and ideally even, eight words max. Maybe around six words ideally, you'll do much better.

    The moment it's too run-on, you're going to lose people.The second step you need in your landing page is a visual focus.Whether it's a headshot, product shot,a video, or some sort of visual focus where people can put all their attention too.

  • Step 5Next step we do wireframe for website or mobile app

    what is wireframes?

    what is wireframes basically wireframes is a kind of a sketching, wireframe basically showing the kind of the structure of a page now it can be done on a sketchbook by hand it can also be done on the design software but the goal of this kind of a low fidelity sketch is to try to wrap around your head about what would be the structure of the content of the page how many titles do you need where should you put the button and how many images do you have and that's kind of a way to think and make sure that you have the general idea of the story that you want to tell in your page before you go a head into the design software, what colors are you going to work with where do you get the image from wha tkind of typeface you use what is the grid that you should there's a lot ofquestions that are about the design of the page but before you're diving into that and actually being distracted by it you want to make sure that the thing that you'reactually designing is the right thing and so focusing only on the content and the structure is the idea behind doing wireframes and it allows us to only focus on getting the important thing in our message across before we move in to focus about making it beautiful and great user experience.

  • Step 6Most Important Step is Prototyping, In 2020 BeGlance changed prototyping definition in UX world

    Prototype is a term that gets thrown around a lot often in the context of many different situations because of this there might actually bea little bit of confusion about prototype isn't i often hear it mentioned in the same breath as sketches wireframes and mock-ups these design elements while important to the overall process are not prototype seach one is static and represents a single state of the proposed design sketches help you explore your ideas quickly and help you experiment and refine designs wireframes are more of a map of theproject sort of a visual guide to its internal structure if you will and mock-ups are usually a more refine the representation of the finished visual design missing from each of these is the ability to show how the application actually works what it does or how one is supposed to interact with it and that's where prototypes come in prototypes are simulations models if you will of how the finished product will work they let you experience how the application flows how its interactions work and test the usability and feasibility of your designs because people tend to think of simulations as almost finished products there's a tendency to expect prototypes to have a certain degree of fidelity to the finished designin reality prototypes can have any type of fidelity you need from paper sketches to fully realized designs depending upon what you need them to do they can simulate your entire application.